What we can offer you

Our niche area lies in combined Microsoft Office desktop and Microsoft Cloud solutions. We can build solutions into your Microsoft Office 97 to 2019 that will work well with the latest Microsoft Cloud databases and website solutions.

We build new ribbons into Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook that allow your desktop Microsoft Office to talk to a custom web-based solution. Azure is our preferred platform but you can use any hosting company.

Imagine a website solution where your employees and customers enter data that is validated and inserted into your cloud database. This data is then used by management to make real-time decisions based on numbers they see in Excel or on your website. Finally, financial documents and reports are generated on your website or in your Microsoft Office. We can build all or part of this exactly to your specifications!

Our custom cloud solutions link well to online accounting systems like Xero, so you can run a fully integrated enterprise solution.

Microsoft Office Add-ins that talk to Azure

Microsoft Office Add-ins that talk to Azure

Once we have started your Microsoft Azure cloud database/web solution, we can quickly follow this with Excel add-ins that talk to it.

We can customise any version of Excel to work with your cloud solution. The automation that we build will save you countless hours.

Microsoft Office automation of cloud data

Pulling operational and sales data into Excel from the cloud instantly is what we do. Automating the analysis and dissemination of this data will take your business to an entirely different level. Let us explain how this works. Call us today for a free consultation.

As an example: we have spent years working with mining operations that use operational cloud data to create complex invoicing for their multinational clients. This could not have been done without the extensive use of Excel, Access, Word and Outlook VBA or VSTO.

Microsoft Office desktop vs Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office desktop vs Microsoft Office 365

Unless you program behind Microsoft Office you won’t know that Office 365 has far less automation capability than the original Microsoft Office desktop version.

We use the desktop engine to build robust business solutions behind your Excel, Access, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint that interact with your web-based Microsoft Cloud solution.

Excel and Microsoft Cloud databases

Excel simply isn’t a database

Using a spreadsheet in the cloud as a central data store will cause many problems, especially where a number of people need to access and edit the data at the same time. Shared folders like OneDrive and DropBox are useful but not ideal.

If you want to do things properly, you need a cloud database. These are easier and more cost effective to build than you may realise.

We can have a simple cloud database up and running for you in a few hours. Alternatively, we provide Excel Add-ins that you can use to create your own online database.

Once you have a cloud database, your customers and employees will be able to interact with it via web pages on all devices as well as Excel spreadsheets.

Call us today for a free discussion about how to do this.