Microsoft Business Website, Cloud Database & Office Solutions

We use Microsoft’s latest technologies to build functional web-based business solutions. Our solutions typically incorporate a central cloud SQL database that resides in Azure or on a server of your choice and web pages to interact with it.

We use to build entire web sites or single web pages that can be embedded in your existing web site.

Our advantage is the ability to connect your Microsoft Office to a custom web solution. Call us today for a free consultation!

Benefits of our Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Global presence

Global Presence

Let us turn your business into a truly global operation with functional web forms that your employees and customers can use anywhere and web-based reports that management can view in real-time around the world.



We will show you how Azure solves the scalability problem. Click a button and more resources are available, for as long as you need. Is peak season for your business over? No problem. Another click removes those extra resources as well as their expense.



Security is a big issue for any company these days. Microsoft has a full-time security team managing the Azure platform that only the biggest of companies could afford to match.

Disaster recovery backup

Disaster Recovery Backup

Data can be lost due to a multitude of reasons: from weather to human error. Microsoft offer automatic frequent backups that can be restored by us or you at the click of a button.



Microsoft data centres all over the world ensure the availability of your data and allows you to reliably and securely move your businesses to the cloud while meeting compliance requirements.